Review: Farmhand #10 (Image Comics)

The Plot Continues to Grow in Farmhand #10

Farmhand #10 concludes the second season (no pun intended) in the series and does so on a dramatic note. There’s clearly still a lot left to this story, so there’s no doubt there’s going to be at least one more season to Farmhand.

Farmhand has always been fast-paced, thanks to the ever-evolving plot. But it seems like. Lately, each issue changes the plot more drastically than the last. And this issue is no exception to that. At least we’re starting to get some answers. Granted, we’re getting just as many questions added back onto that list…


It’s been clear since day one that Rob Guillory had a specific plan for Farmhand. But now and then, he firmly reminds us of that fact. I felt that way while reading Farmhand #10. It felt like we had been building up to this point for a while now. I just couldn’t see it until we got here.

A lot of ground was covered in this issue, but surprisingly it never felt rushed. Instead, we simply bounced from one place to the next, following the plot. This issue did a great job of including most of the primary and even secondary characters introduced so far. So in some ways, it did feel like a wrap-up. But that holds with the season finale, I suppose. It did worry me for half a heartbeat that the series was concluding. That’s something I’m not prepared to see happen just yet.

This issue perfectly balanced the curiosity of the unknown with the gratification of getting answers. There was no info dumping, nor were we left high and dry. Having the plot evolve along the way has resolved a lot of those issues. And it’s left me with even more questions. Here’s hoping the break between seasons isn’t too long.


The artwork for Farmhand has been amazingly consistent this whole time. It probably helps that both Guillory and Taylor Wells have stayed on the project. That said, there were some note-worthy moments in Farmhand #10.

For example, the cover for this issue might be my favorite (so far). I feel like it’s a perfect example of everything that is going on in this series without having it overstated. And, of course, the color palette for it is striking. I love the combination of the vibrant greens on one side and the darker shades and black on the other.

There were a ton of scenes and characters to portray in this issue. Many of the characters we already know, but there were some new ones. And many of those new ones had unique side effects from their implants. So it was fascinating seeing new variations on the theme.


Farmhand #10 went a long way in changing many elements in the series that, up until now, we have taken for granted. It flipped some expectations in our heads. Yet the core theme is still there; it’s just…mutating. It’s oddly appropriate when you think about it.

Part of me is sad that this is the season wrap-up for Farmhand. The rest of me is curious to know how many more seasons are planned. I’m sincerely not sure how far Guillory is planning on taking this plot, but I’m anxious to find out.

This review was originally written for Word of the Nerd, but has been ported over to Quirky Cat’s Fat Stacks now that the site has shut down.

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